Managing Route53 DNS with Terraform and CDK in 100 LOC or less

An easier way to manage Route53 zones across multiple accounts

Managing Kubernetes Clusters with Terraform

Kubernetes is an attractive option for many companies to deploy their applications. However, managing it can be complicated. There are many different tools and techniques to manage it. In this post, I will discuss managing your Kubernetes cluster with Terraform, another tool is widely used these days.

Terraform Evaluation Tool

A tight feedback loop is important when developing code. Terraform is no different. At times, it would be helpful to have a quick way to test function calls. In this post, I introduce a tool I have created that does just that.

Testing Terraform with Terratest

Terratest is a testing framework for Terraform code written by Gruntwork. In this post, I am going to discuss the usage of Terratest as well as my own personal experiences with testing Terraform code.

CDK vs CloudFormation vs Terraform

CDK, CloudFormation, and Terraform are frameworks for managing cloud infrastructure using code. In this post, we will look at these options, compare and contrast them, and discuss what types of organizations should use take which approach.

EBS Volume Backup and Replication

Easily automate the backup of EBS Snapshots with AWS Data Lifecycle Manager and replicate to another region.