AWS CodePipeline

Reusing resources across multiple pipelines with AWS CodePipeline

One of the limitations of CodePipeline currently is that there is not a good way to use common components across multiple pipelines. You may want to do this so you do not have to duplicate buildspecs or other files to be used in different repositories. In this post, I will show a strategy for reusing artifacts across multiple pipelines.

Branch builds with CodePipeline

Modern, best of breed, continuous integration tools allow developers to define their delivery pipeline as code and store it in the repository alongside the application source code. Doing so allows you to manage your pipeline much like you would your application source code. In this post, we will go over how to accomplish this using AWS CodeCommit, AWS Lambda, AWS CodePipeline, and AWS CloudFormation. This approach will also enable branch-based builds for CodePipeline, a large gap in the CodePipeline feature set currently.

Serverless Application Delivery with AWS CodePipeline

AWS CodePipeline can help you rid yourself of build servers which take resources to manage and are at risk of outages affecting multiple teams. In this post, we will discuss replacing your existing CI server with a serverless solution.