Application Architecture

Most of my career has been spent developing applications. While my career has moved me beyond that, I still love the smell of clean code in the morning.

Building a Cloud Agnostic Serverless Web Application

Many people are moving to utilizing Function as a Service (FaaS) offerings to deploy their applications to the cloud. How do we take advantage of the benefits of FaaS while mitigating the risks associated with vendor lockin? What if we want to deploy across multiple cloud providers? In this post, I will be discussing how to isolate your vendor dependencies in a boundary layer when writing serverless applications.

Hosting a Static Website in AWS with S3 and CloudFront

Using a combination of S3 and CloudFront, hosting a static website in AWS is simple and very affordable. In this post, I discuss the architecture of such a solution and the reference implementation I have created to get you started.

Monolithic vs Endpoint Functions in AWS Lambda

When deploying serverless applications to AWS Lambda, do you create a single, monolithic function to handle all the application endpoints or a lambda function per endpoint? In this post, I will explore these two approaches to deploying serverless applications.

Java State Enum

A simple enum with all the states in it. Should be a good starting point for anyone that needs it.

Spring Roo Database Reverse Engineer with Oracle

Unfortunately, due to licensing restrictions with the Oracle JDBC Drivers, this is a little difficult. There are a few blog posts and forum threads that address the problem but I figured I would post what worked for me here.